At Microsoft, commitment modes such as monthly, annual and tri-annual are associated with the purchase of licences or cloud services, such as Microsoft 365Dynamics 365Azure, or other Microsoft products and services. Here’s how these commitment modes generally work :

  • Monthly commitment : This option, offered by Microsoft, offers great flexibility, allowing you to change your licence volumes each month. However, this flexibility comes at a cost, with in general a 20% mark-up on the price of an annual commitment. Besides, with this type of commitment, prices can fluctuate from month to month without any price freeze. By opting for a monthly commitment with Microsoft, you have the freedom to pay each month according to your specific needs. (monthly commitment/monthly payment)
  • Annual commitment  : This commitment option, offered by Microsoft, offers a degree of rigidity compared with the monthly commitment. You have the option of adjusting your licence volume upwards only during the year, with the possibility of reducing the volume only on the anniversary date or within 7 days of purchase, with an alignment. However, unlike the monthly commitment, there are no associated surcharges, and the price is fixed for the duration of the annual commitment. You also have the option of billing on a monthly basis for greater ease of financial management. By opting for an annual commitment with Microsoft, you are guaranteed stable rates and the possibility of planning your budget over an entire year, while retaining a degree of flexibility to adjust your needs. (annual commitment/annual payment) or (annual commitment/monthly payment*)
  • Three-year commitment** : This type of commitment has the same features as the annual commitment but offers the advantage of a price that is locked in for 3 years.

Good news: If you want to change partners during the course of your contract, now you can!

*: for annual commitment/monthly payment, please send us a specific request via the contact form: Please Contact Us

** : The three-year commitment is not available for all licences. For more information, please contact us using the Contact form: Please Contact Us

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