Why backing up Office 365 with Veeam is a functional mistake, a technical nonsense, a security loophole, and a financial aberration.

Those who follow me a little know that this is a subject I particularly enjoy. And since it arouses passions among Veeam partners, William asked me to lay out my argument in this post.

Far from wanting to take the passion out of the debate, because it is fascinating, as it demonstrates the difference between the old on-premise world and the new world of the cloud – and the difficulty for some integrators to operate their transformation – I propose to provide, via this article, some explanations…

Veeam, seeing a risk to its market share with the massive migration of its customers to the cloud, tried to adapt. All those mailboxes and SharePoint sites that Veeam used to back up have been decommissioned. Tough luck.

Veeam was providing excellent services at that time.

So, they decided to continue doing what they did on-premise with Office 365. Bad idea.

It must be acknowledged that while their strategy for backing up on-premise assets to the cloud (PaaS or IaaS, especially Azure) is an excellent idea, the saying ‘you can’t make good jam in old pots’ doesn’t apply to Microsoft’s SaaS offering.

In other words, riding on the on-premise habits of our customers to continue selling Veeam is merely a commercial calculation based on fears and age-old habits, which it is our responsibility, as integrators, with the help of the publishers, to deconstruct and rationalize among our clients.

The functional mistake

It’s a mistake made by IT professionals who see a migration project to the cloud as an infrastructure project or something technical. The IT professional has always used Veeam on-premise for their mailboxes and SharePoint, so, as they move their mailboxes to the cloud, they’ll use Veeam in the cloud…

It’s important to remember that migration projects to the cloud are transformational projects. They’re not technical projects – although some aspects of these projects are technical. And when we say transformational, the first areas that need to be transformed are those within the IT department. It’s the integrator’s job to ensure that the client understands that what was true on-premise is no longer true in the cloud.

Veeam comes with a discourse oriented towards compliance, saying ‘you must manage data retention, blah blah, you can’t do it with Office 365, blah blah.’ These messages find particular resonance during GDPR compliance periods.

To bolster its discourse, Veeam relies on a network of well-established integrator partners and on on-premise usage habits among end clients – where the transformative approach of the IT department may have been little (or not at all) initiated by these integrator partners, as they themselves have not undertaken it internally.

Naturally, the client tends to turn to what they know from the old on-premise world. And this happens without the integrator, who earns commissions on Veeam sales, indicating to the client that the solutions to their needs already exist in the Office 365 E1, E3, and E5 plans they have contracted.

I have found myself several times in situations where I have had to inform the client about the existence of retention policies in Outlook/Exchange Online, immutable retention, email deletion timelines, etc., without the integrator having mentioned them; they were more interested in making the client pay again for a tool they don’t need just to get their cash back and sell a Veeam integration service. This borders on lack of advisory… No, it’s outright in it.

[UPDATED 01 2021] On the lack of advisory, it is even more pronounced now that Veeam and its partners regularly pull out an excerpt from the terms of use of Microsoft’s consumer cloud services (XBOX, MSN, Hotmail, etc.), explaining that there may be data loss and that it is advisable to make a copy of the data using a third-party tool. This is done to scare clients and push them into purchasing.

Users of Microsoft 365 for Business or Enterprise are obviously not affected by this consumer cloud services terms of use. The binding contract is called the Online Services Terms (OST).

The fact is that, probably out of convenience and perhaps due to a lack of curiosity, I discover over time that integrators, especially some Veeam partners, are very poorly informed about the advanced compliance and data lifecycle management features offered by Office 365. In fact, to my knowledge (please speak up if you disagree, so we can form a club), there is only one integrator in France with genuine expertise in the Compliance Center: the ECM experts at SWORD in Lyon.

The second functional mistake lies in the fact that Veeam, in its operation and interface, is not designed for compliance professionals but for IT professionals. Therefore, Veeam cannot be sold as a compliance tool (although they position themselves as such).

Microsoft 365’s Compliance Center, accessible from the E1 plans onward, fully integrated into Office 365, provides far stronger technical and contractual guarantees than Veeam – whose hosting must be operated by the client – regarding data retention modalities (long-term storage, scheduled destruction, response to investigative needs, advanced classification, retention, etc.). It addresses both IT professionals and legal teams.

In addition to this, there’s the Compliance Manager, an excellent tool for compliance teams. These are real business tools for legal and DPO teams. There’s also the Service Trust Center…

The technical nonsense

Microsoft provides through the Service Trust Center a whole bunch of documents explaining how data resilience is organized. The concept of backup, stemming from the on-premise world, is nonsense for the cloud, where by nature, data must be accessible at all times.

The approach to data management strategy involves a multitude of processes operated within Microsoft’s data centers. Backup is just a small element of it – and has nothing to do with “usual” backups, on-premise. The Enterprise Business Continuity Management (EBCM) Program.pdf is a rich source of information to understand how these complex processes work – all in compliance with standards (ISO, HDS, …) and local legislation.

As part of the shared responsibility between Microsoft and its customers, especially regarding data management, Microsoft hands over control to customers, in an integrated manner, for a number of operations. We’re talking about operations like restoring SharePoint or OneDrive site collections, thanks to a simple slider that allows you to move back in time. We’ve already discussed email and document retention policies, classification, and more. But once again, these tools cover the wide range of needs expressed by clients who think they need to address them with Veeam.

I would like to add that every Veeam scenario I’ve heard of involving Office 365 consists of copying data from Office 365 to Azure… … … … THESE ARE THE SAME DATACENTERS (no client located in France wants to back up their data outside of France), OPERATED BY THE SAME HOST… It doesn’t even reduce the pseudo-risk of “Microsoft stops functioning”… As a consultant from Wavestone, with whom we had a lot of laughs at Engie, often repeated: “it makes no sense”.

No alt text provided for this image

In a SaaS model, it’s a technical nonsense to think that one will substitute the data host – especially for the services it already provides. It’s a major misunderstanding of the very nature of these platforms to want to copy their data “just in case.”

The “just in case” scenarios…

  • “Just in case three Microsoft data centers stop functioning”… That would mean a simultaneous nuclear bomb has fallen on Paris and Marseille (for the France geo) or on Amsterdam, Dublin, and another city in Austria, I believe – to be verified (for the Europe geo). Your only concern would then be escape, survival, … Not checking your work email or asking your colleagues about the progress of deliverable X in project Y on Teams.
  • “Just in case Microsoft deletes my data”… I have never heard of such a case, because the EBCM precisely addresses these issues with processes that work – and that no client could implement as reliably in their infrastructures.
  • “Just in case we want reversibility”… Reversibility is a dream made to fill the last line of tenders and reassure decision-makers. When you enter Office 365, you enter a captive model from which it is extremely difficult to exit. I don’t know of any client who has done it – but there are probably some. With the hindsight and the massive adoption of Teams, I believe that it becomes almost impossible in the current market state.
A security loophole
It’s easy to understand.
  1. Your data is in Office 365 = SaaS service. Microsoft manages 90% of the security – better than 99% of organizations – you manage the remaining 10%. Little risk for your data.
  2. Veeam takes this data (emails, documents, etc.) to copy it to Azure (or worse, on-premise) = PaaS or even IaaS service. Microsoft now only manages 50% – or even less depending on the container – of data security. And it’s up to the client to hope to secure their copies as well as in Office 365… They are therefore more exposed than if you had left them in Office 365.
In short, by copying your data, especially to a place inevitably less secure than Office 365, you increase your attack surface – while other “in-place” solutions exist natively in Office 365 to meet business needs.

A financial aberration

For all the reasons previously mentioned, wanting to purchase Veeam when Office 365 already meets the needs of 99% of clients is a financial aberration.

This only fattens Veeam and its partners, who have bet on a competitive strategy against Microsoft – and anti-transformational. Let’s remember that Microsoft is a provider of compliance solutions much more integrated into Office 365 and advanced than Veeam.

Beyond the licensing costs of Veeam, you will also have storage, processing, and operating costs in Azure (or another platform).

You would be better off buying Office 365 E5 with this money – which includes Advanced Compliance (and thus a much more comprehensive response than Veeam on data management).

Finally, I would like to add that Veeam’s commercial actions, sowing doubt among our clients, especially hospitals, sometimes lead to project deployments being blocked while we resolve “the question of backup”. Fortunately, one or two meetings often suffice to convey the most important message…

… We do not back up the cloud. Thank you.

Who is Tarek Saade ?

Let’s meet Tarek Saade, our Sales Director at Phoenix Alliance. Tarek is here to tell us about his experience at Phoenix Alliance.

Role and expertise

First, Tarek is the Sales Director at Phoenix Alliance, Tarek has played a key role since 2020. The driving force behind our sales teams, provides training, conducting audits, presenting to clients, and negotiating contracts for licenses and services.  Let’s dive deeper into his history…

Start at Phoenix Alliance

Tarek joined Phoenix alliance during the creation of Phoenix Alliance, from begging of the story. When Ghadir and Aurélien started the company, they knew they needed someone with a deep understanding of our business, and Tarek was the perfect choice. He has been with us since day one, and his knowledge of Phoenix Alliance and he know everything about this huge company.

Passion for Negotiations with Clients

Tarek’s favorite part of his role is the negotiation phase with the Customers is the interactions with customers, the art of negotiation and essential communication throughout the process, he mentioned “in order to obtain the most suitable license at the best price”.

Phoenix Alliance Strengths

When asked what he likes most about Phoenix Alliance, Tarek mentioned two key factors. First, he particularly appreciates the fluid collaboration between the different teams within the company. Then, the flexibility of working remotely which is a major advantage for him.

As a 100% online team, Tarek appreciates the diversity among his colleagues, the different nationalities present in the team, the different cultures the different countries in which we are all based and we work and of course the different languages we speak in the team, even like that our communication is incredibly good and because of that, he loves to work remotely.

Job Challenges

On the other hand, Tarek acknowledges the challenges of his position, especially the disappointment of losing potential clients due to budget constraints.  “It’s frustrating when customers show interest in our licenses and services but can’t keep up due to budget limitations”, said Tarek.

Of course, some customers tell us that they are ready to take our licenses and in the moment of payment they say that they lack budget, even if, with a decrease of budget it is a customer for whom we will find the licenses with the best prices.

The most precious thing about Phoenix Alliance

As a Microsoft partner our goal is to stand out, and to innovate, which becomes fun for Tarek, because many things await the company and the employees, so many surprises are always at the doorstep. “No, we are not like other partners, we have so many things to bring, like the Packaged services, the Licensing expertise, low-cost licenses… That everything make we stand out from the others”, said Tarek.

Academic career

Tarek tell us also about his academic background, Tarek studied a MBA in Marketing and Management of Luxury Industries in business school at ISC Paris, he was prepared to negotiated with clients, prepared for commercial part, for marketing, communication, audits, market studies, … It’s a person who knows what he is doing.

A professional of international experiences

To understand his actual personality, we ask to tell us about his professional background, he said to us that he have long worked abroad in Tourism sector, in Australia and New Zealand, he also lived in Barcelona. Thanks to all these life experiences he speaks French, English, Spanish and Arabic and he understand good different cultures, that mean he also know how to communicate with foreign persons and how to understand and adapt herself in different situations, what distinguishes it from others.

Thanks to Tarek’s knowledge, you can now trust our team of specialists to solve your technological challenges.

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How Our Packs Work ?

Our packs consist of two phases: “Build” and “Run” all inclusive, for a price per user/per month

In the “Build” phase, we initially configure your Microsoft 365 environment to suit your specific needs by implementing customized settings and workflows to maximize efficiency.

The “Run” phase involves the daily management of your environment, including monitoring, maintenance, incident resolution, and regular updates to ensure smooth operation of your Microsoft 365 tools.

Why Choose Our Packs ?

  • We manage everything efficiently and automatically, so you don’t have to worry.
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A Team for You:

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  • Your organization is at the forefront of our concerns.

Microsoft – Approved !

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Our Packs for You:

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  • Security Pack Endpoint: This pack concentrates on device and endpoint security, ensuring effective protection against potential threats. These may include products such as Microsoft Intune, Windows Defender Antivirus and Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Security Pack Identity: Identity security is essential, and this pack improves identity management within your Microsoft 365 environment. These may include products such as Azure Active Directory, Azure Multi-Factor Authentication and Microsoft Identity Manager.
  • Security Pack Server: For businesses with specific server security needs, this pack offers enhanced protection. These include products such as Azure Automation, Azure Bastion, Azure Monitor…
Our Security Packages.

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Cybersecurity and Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with Aurélien from The Alliance of the Phoenix

Exclusive Interview with the CEO of The Alliance of the Phoenix: A Director at the Forefront of Security

In an increasingly digital world, cybersecurity has become a major concern for businesses. We sat down with Aurélien, the CEO of The Alliance of the Phoenix, to discuss his role within the company and how they approach cybersecurity. The following interview provides insight into his career, The Alliance of the Phoenix’s vision for cybersecurity, the challenges they face, the opportunities this rapidly expanding field offers, and much more.

Who is Aurélien?

First, let’s get to know the brain behind the operation!

Aurélien, the CEO of The Alliance of the Phoenix, wears several hats within the company. In addition to his responsibilities in the business realm, he brings technical expertise as a Cloud architect and oversees all finance and operations aspects.

But before joining The Alliance of the Phoenix, what was his professional journey like?

Aurélien revealed to us a unique path. Before founding The Alliance of the Phoenix, Aurélien began his career as a commando rifleman in the Air Force, then led his own IT support company for SMEs. After taking his first steps into the “Microsoft Galaxy” as a Junior SharePoint consultant, he progressed to become a manager of a SharePoint development team. Eventually, he founded a new company in 2015, specializing in SharePoint and Microsoft 365 services. After a brief entrepreneurial break to work at Microsoft France, he co-founded The Alliance of the Phoenix in 2020, alongside Ghadir Sadee, the company’s co-founder.

Today, The Alliance of the Phoenix employs nearly forty people across four different countries.

Cybersecurity at The Alliance of the Phoenix

Now, let’s talk cybersecurity!

“Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving field.”

Aurélien shared his perspective on The Alliance of the Phoenix’s positioning in this sector. The company doesn’t claim to be a full-fledged cybersecurity firm, but it specializes in securing its clients’ Microsoft Cloud infrastructure. They build barriers and protective walls, using security solutions provided by Microsoft to safeguard these infrastructures.

These security phases are regularly carried out in partnership with cybersecurity consulting firms.

Complexity and Evolution of Cybersecurity

The complexity of cybersecurity lies in the constant evolution of this field. Clients are becoming more informed and demanding. They have a better understanding of the issues, which means that Aurélien and his team must deal with increasingly technical requirements. However, he believes that this complexity is positive because it encourages them to follow security best practices frameworks for the Microsoft Cloud.

The Perception of Cybersecurity

Perceptions of cybersecurity vary depending on roles within companies. 

  • Executives increasingly view cybersecurity as a necessary expense to protect their operations. 
  • Chief Information Officers see cybersecurity as a component to integrate into all their projects, while Chief Security Officers consider it essential and prioritize it at the top of their list (and they are absolutely right).
  • However, on the business side, some still perceive cybersecurity as a constraint, although this perception is evolving.

Ease of Implementation in Cybersecurity

Aurélien shared his perspective on the easiest part of cybersecurity, “implementing Microsoft security solutions.”

Using security tools provided by Microsoft greatly facilitates this phase. The tools are designed to be relatively easy to implement. This simplicity stems from the fact that Microsoft tools, especially for collaboration, are widely deployed. Therefore, Microsoft security products integrate very easily into the existing environment.

The Essentiality of Cybersecurity

Today, cybersecurity is essential for organizations. Our clients “are storing increasingly sensitive data, including health data and personal information…”. 

Trust with clients and compliance with new regulations are major concerns. The regulatory environment is constantly evolving, further emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity.

Threats and Opportunities in Cybersecurity

For The Alliance of the Phoenix, the most frequent threat is fraudulent access to its clients’ Azure subscriptions, aiming to provision very large volumes of highly powerful servers (and therefore very expensive), with the intention of mining Bitcoin at the expense of the targeted company.

However, the most dangerous threat lies in what is known as “CEO fraud,” a scam where individuals impersonate a company’s executive to deceive employees into making fraudulent financial transfers or disclosing confidential information.

This form of scam has unfortunately led to the closure of many small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as intermediate-sized companies (ETIs). Preventing this threat requires increased awareness, the establishment of rigorous verification procedures, and cybersecurity training.

To Note:

According to the Global Data Protection Index 2022 (GDPI), in the last 12 months, nearly 86% of businesses have faced a cyber incident.

An essential point to remember from this text is that cyber attacks are not limited to a single sector in France. Hospitals, local authorities, and businesses of all sizes are all exposed to risks. SMEs are particularly vulnerable, accounting for 43% of targeted attacks. Even large enterprises are not immune. Awareness of the cyber threat has increased, but many businesses, especially smaller ones, still need to strengthen their protection measures to avoid the costly consequences of these attacks.

Opportunities in cybersecurity are constantly expanding, and the demand is increasing. Microsoft is heavily investing in its cybersecurity solutions, creating new opportunities to enhance customer security.

“Technologies such as biometric authentication and FIDO2 keys are growing, offering advanced means of protection.”

Cybersecurity: A Response to an Economic Warfare

The proliferation of risks, especially those related to economic warfare, has changed the game. French companies are increasingly targeted by attempts to steal know-how, orchestrated by foreign entities. However, roles sometimes reverse, and Western companies also seek to regain skills in Asia. Cybersecurity plays a key role in this battle.

To illustrate the importance of cybersecurity, let’s take the hypothetical example of a business leader who, unfortunately, is having an affair with his secretary. If he uses a professional communication platform like Teams to discuss it, the security of these exchanges is ESSENTIAL! If these conversations are not properly secured, they could potentially be intercepted by malicious actors.

This creates a vulnerable situation where third parties could threaten to reveal this confidential information. This example illustrates how even personal affairs can have serious professional repercussions if data is not appropriately protected.

In the broader context of economic warfare, cybersecurity is essential to protect industrial secrets, strategic data, and the reputation of companies, as malicious actors can exploit vulnerabilities to steal information or engage in blackmail.

This is why it is imperative to implement robust security measures to prevent such threats.


The Legal Challenges of Cybersecurity

Legislation regarding cybersecurity is constantly evolving. 

Elise Debiès, a lawyer at The Alliance of the Phoenix, handles the legal aspects, especially in cybersecurity. As a lawyer at the Paris Bar and DPO for the French social security, her legal expertise is a valuable asset, essential for both our company and our clients. Cybersecurity is a team effort, and Elise plays a key role in this collaboration. European regulation is particularly dynamic, with three additional laws in addition to the GDPR.

Cybersecurity is essential not only to prevent a company from closing but also to protect sensitive data and preserve know-how

Cybersecurity has become an indispensable element because the proliferation of risks, especially for online commerce platforms, is constantly increasing.

Previously, the main risk was financial security, but now, risks also weigh on the protection of know-how. To gain the trust of customers and attract new ones, it is essential to meet cybersecurity requirements. Now, in calls for tenders, cybersecurity is a major criterion because customers will not choose a provider if they are not sufficiently secure.

Improving Cybersecurity: Privileged Accounts

To strengthen cybersecurity, securing privileged accounts is paramount. This can significantly increase the security of the company while impacting a small percentage of users.

French public hospitals are at the forefront of these efforts, aiming to enhance their security against potential threats.

The measures taken to strengthen cybersecurity at The Alliance of the Phoenix

The Alliance of the Phoenix emphasizes its commitment to cybersecurity by implementing several concrete measures.

Firstly, two-factor authentication (MFA) has become mandatory for all users, significantly enhancing security. Additionally, dedicated accounts secured by a FIDO2 key have been established for privileged actions, an essential step to prevent unauthorized access.

When consultants work with clients, they use specific accounts secured by a FIDO2 key and adhere to security best practices recommended by Microsoft (GDAP, conditional access, etc.).

To underscore our commitment to security, it is essential to mention that over the past year, we have provided training for all our teams – and this training is regularly repeated. Disciplinary sanctions have also been defined and applied in certain cases.

These measures aim to ensure that our employees understand and rigorously adhere to our security policies, with the goal of maintaining the security of our clients and partners.

Trends and Future Developments in Cybersecurity

Clients are evolving in their approach to cybersecurity.

They started by deploying collaborative solutions, and now they are focusing on securing the three pillars:

  • 1. Identities (multi-factor authentication, conditional access, securing privileged accounts)
  • 2. Endpoints (PCs, Macs, Linux, iOS, Android, …)
  • 3. Data (classification, encryption, …)

There is also a new enthusiasm for the feature that “closes the loop”: real-time analysis and response of Microsoft cloud logs, thanks to Defender for Cloud App.

Tips to Strengthen Enterprise Cybersecurity

Finally, Aurélien gave us one last piece of advice to strengthen cybersecurity, especially for business users: avoid “Shadow IT”.This means not using unauthorized software or services by bypassing company policies.

Cybersecurity is a collective challenge that we all face in this increasingly digital world. In discussing with Aurélien, we gained insight into how a company can approach this issue. The stakes are high, but it’s reassuring to see that experts like Aurélien and his team are working tirelessly to protect our infrastructures and sensitive data.

So, what can we take away from this discussion? Cybersecurity is essential, constantly evolving, and full of opportunities. Technologies evolve, threats multiply, but we can all contribute to strengthening the security of our businesses and data.

We hope that this interview with Aurélien from The Alliance of the Phoenix has provided valuable insights into cybersecurity. Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts on this topic. Together, we can contribute to a safer and more reliable digital world.

Finally, remember that we are here to help you succeed. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more and take advantage of our FREE Audit to ensure that you are on the right track towards enhanced cybersecurity.

Microsoft Power Apps: Turning Business Ideas into Reality Without Compromise

In this bustling race towards success in the business world, a truth emerges: the ability to innovate, overcome challenges, and exceed expectations are the keys to success today!

You want to take your business to the next level, but you’re faced with tedious manual processes, aren’t you? You’re looking for off-the-shelf solutions, but none precisely meet your team’s needs, and creating a custom application seems like an expensive option.

Discover Microsoft Power Apps, a powerful tool to turn your business expertise into custom apps. With Power Apps, creating apps without coding becomes a breeze for your team. Whether it’s developing inventory management apps, customer tracking, or human resources management, Power Apps gives your team the ability to design a multitude of applications without requiring programming skills. The potential to transform how you work is endless. The power to transform your business is in your hands.

Understanding Power Apps


What is Power Apps?

Power Apps, the result of Microsoft’s innovation, represents a revolutionary solution for businesses looking to create custom applications without the need for advanced programming or development skills. This unique platform aims to precisely meet the needs of teams by designing custom applications perfectly tailored to existing data and systems. It stands out for its ease of use and powerful capabilities compared to other platforms.

No more complications! Power Apps opens the doors to custom application development for all professionals, offering a unique opportunity to adapt IT tools to the specific needs of your business.

Key Feature of Power Apps:

The major distinctive aspect of Power Apps lies in its ability to create applications without code. Its intuitive interface aims to enable everyone to easily design the applications they need, while ensuring performance and quality. Thus, even small businesses can achieve their growth objectives.

The Power of Power Apps Features


Code-Free Creation, Rapid Development Speed:

As mentioned earlier, Power Apps eliminates the barrier of code and allows business users to bring their ideas to life without waiting for developers. With a user-friendly interface based on drag-and-drop functionality, app creation becomes an intuitive process, significantly speeding up the development cycle.

Imagine a logistics company looking to improve delivery management. With Power Apps, business managers can directly design an application without needing support from development teams. Through a simple drag-and-drop interface, they can create a delivery tracking app in just a few intuitive steps. This rapid development speed optimizes the creation process and accelerates the implementation of business solutions.

Integrated Connectivity and Process Automation:

Seamless integration with other Microsoft services, such as SharePoint and Microsoft 365, along with the ability to automate business processes with Power Automate, make Power Apps a strategic choice for companies looking to optimize operational efficiency.

Consider a company seeking to streamline workflows between marketing and sales teams. Power Apps offers seamless integration with SharePoint and Microsoft 365, allowing for centralized information, automated data transfer, and simplified interactions between departments. By using Power Automate in conjunction with Power Apps, tasks such as automatically notifying relevant teams when a new lead is identified can be set up, thereby optimizing operational efficiency.

Adaptability to Mobile Devices:

The adaptive nature of applications created with Power Apps ensures a consistent user experience that easily adapts to various mobile devices, providing a seamless user experience whether on a tablet or smartphone. This enhances the productivity of teams on the go.

Challenges to Consider:

However, even with its advantages, Power Apps is not without challenges.

The complexity of business needs can sometimes exceed the customization capabilities of the platform. Managing security, especially for sensitive data, requires special attention. Additionally, while Power Apps is designed to be user-friendly, training may be necessary to enable users to fully leverage its features.

Why Choose Power Apps?


Speed and Cost Reduction:

Power Apps provides unprecedented development speed, allowing businesses to turn their ideas into functional applications in record time. By eliminating the need for professional developers, Power Apps can also reduce development costs, making this platform a cost-effective solution.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Services:

For businesses already integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem, Power Apps offers a seamless solution, leveraging synergies with other tools and services. The smooth integration with SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and other services facilitates collaboration and access to data.

Agility and Flexibility for a Digital Future:

Power Apps enables businesses to be agile and flexible in an ever-evolving business environment. The ability to create, modify, and update applications quickly in response to changing needs provides a significant competitive advantage.

So, what do you think of Power Apps after this discussion? It’s truly a gem for bringing your business ideas to life, isn’t it? By overcoming obstacles with its great features, Power Apps gives you the opportunity to realize your projects with flexibility and efficiency. Doesn’t that make you want to learn more?

Share your experiences and thoughts on this topic! Together, let’s lend a hand in making the digital world safer and more reliable. And remember, we’re here to help you succeed!

The experts at The Alliance of the Phoenix are available to answer all your questions about integrating and optimizing Power Apps for your business. Contact us to discuss and take advantage of our FREE Audit to strengthen your cybersecurity.

Novamap Revolutionizes Property Management: An Exclusive Interview with Frédéric Clermont, Co-founder of Novamap

In a world where property management sits at the intersection of innovation and the need for sharp industry expertise, Novamap emerges as a disruptive force, redefining how real estate portfolios are managed. Exclusively, let’s delve into the world of Novamap through an interview with Frédéric Clermont, the Co-founder of this visionary company.

Frédéric Clermont : Cofounder

During our interview, Frédéric Clermont, also responsible for Business Development and Finance at Novamap, shared his vision and expertise in the sector. With a focus on innovation, Novamap stands out for its ability to address challenges in the real estate industry, collaborating closely with asset owners, social landlords, communities, and tertiary real estate park managers.

Novamap: A Pioneer in Real Estate Management Digitalization

At the heart of Novamap’s impact lies the “Asset Monitoring” module, which enables the collection and enrichment of technical data on existing real estate properties. This module feeds the data repository and complements historical modules for security surveillance, intervention management, and planning for preventive maintenance and works. The accurate assessment of building conditions coupled with strategic planning functionalities positions Novamap as an innovative player in the real estate sector.

Strategic Alliance with Microsoft: Guarantee of Reliability and Security
Since its inception, Novamap has unequivocally chosen to entrust the hosting of its solution to Microsoft Azure. This decision, beyond reinforcing the reliability and security of operations, has avoided costly investments in infrastructure. Microsoft Azure has been seamlessly integrated into Novamap’s business strategy, with the cost of Azure being incorporated into the annual subscriptions of its clients. These subscriptions are based on the size of the managed real estate portfolio and the modules used. The annual subscription covers the rental of Novamap software, support, maintenance, and of course, hosting on Azure.
The integration of artificial intelligence, particularly in predictive maintenance, is the new challenge for Novamap. The company exclusively relies on Microsoft for both hosting and internal collaborative tools with Office 365. According to Frédéric, the advent of artificial intelligence, embodied by technologies such as LLM or deep learning, is a promising opportunity to further enrich Novamap’s offering.
Novamap seeks to expand the use of Microsoft tools internally, such as OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online, particularly for internal needs such as project management and file storage.
A Successfull Collaboration with The Alliance of the Phoenix
In collaborating with The Alliance of the Phoenix for a year and a half, Novamap has exceeded expectations in terms of partnership. The “Pack Identity” provided by The Alliance of the Phoenix ensures access management and user authentication on the Azure platform. For Frédéric, the success of the partnership lies in constant customer listening, flexibility, and agility, key elements to stay in tune with an ever-changing real estate industry.
Novamap’s choice to partner with The Alliance of the Phoenix is based on the responsiveness, agility, precision, and expertise demonstrated from the outset. Through this collaboration, Novamap and The Alliance of the Phoenix are writing a story of success, continuous innovation, and adaptation to the changing needs of the real estate industry, making their partnership a model of excellence in their respective sectors.

Unlock Full Power with Microsoft Azure: 5 Solutions to Enhance the Management and Security of Your Servers

Discover how Azure transforms server management and security with five innovative offerings. This article highlights the power of Azure Automation, Azure Bastion, Defender for Server Plan 2, Azure Monitor, and Azure ARC in revolutionizing server management operations and enhancing server security. These five key offerings provide advanced features that optimize server performance and bolster their security to meet the evolving needs of your infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure – Innovation at Your Fingertips

Microsoft Azure is more than just a cloud platform; it’s the epicenter of digital innovation. By deploying Azure, you’re not just choosing a computing solution; you’re embracing a revolution. This section delves into the Azure ecosystem, revealing how it positions itself as the catalyst for your digital success.

Efficient server management and security are critical imperatives for businesses navigating a constantly evolving digital landscape. Microsoft Azure, with its comprehensive suite of services, provides robust solutions to address these challenges.

The Five Forces of Azure in Action


Azure Automation: Simplify Updates

In a world where server updates and patching are often overlooked, Azure Automation emerges as the solution that handles updates in an automated and controlled manner. Consider a company facing disruptions due to unpatched servers. With Azure Automation, these disruptions disappear, allowing for smooth operations.

Azure Bastion: The Secure Gateway for Remote Access

Remote connections are often a security concern. Azure Bastion is the fortified gateway that eliminates risks associated with such access. Imagine a startup facing vulnerabilities due to insecure remote connections. Azure Bastion steps in, ensuring seamless and secure remote access.

Defender for Server Plan 2: Proactive Antivirus Protection

Beyond simple antivirus features, Defender for Server Plan 2 represents a major advancement with proactive defense, offering extended protection against evolving threats. Consider a company facing sophisticated attacks. While traditional antivirus solutions take a reactive approach, Defender for Server Plan 2 goes further by providing a proactive response. It anticipates threats and neutralizes them before they can cause damage. Compared to traditional antivirus software, Defender for Server Plan 2, as an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution, offers increased capability to detect, understand, and counter advanced attacks, thus transforming the company’s security posture.

Azure Monitor : The Watchful Eye on Your Performance

Continuous performance monitoring is key to an optimal user experience. Azure Monitor acts as a vigilant observer, detecting anomalies before they disrupt your system. Let’s illustrate this with a company experiencing performance drops. Azure Monitor springs into action, swiftly identifying and resolving issues, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Azure ARC: Centralizing Management into a Nodal Point

Imagine a centralized control point for Azure Automation, Azure Bastion, Defender for Server, and Azure Monitor. This is precisely what Azure ARC offers. With it, organizations achieve centralized management, total visibility, and optimal efficiency.

Why Choose Microsoft Azure?

Opting for Microsoft Azure signifies a commitment to excellence in innovation, security, and efficiency, while offering flexibility and seamless integration that surpass expectations. This section delves into the detailed reasons why Azure should be your undisputed choice, highlighting tangible benefits that transform your IT vision. More than just a cloud platform, Microsoft Azure is a revolution. The five offerings – Azure Automation, Azure Bastion, Defender for Server Plan 2, Azure Monitor, and Azure ARC – form a powerful arsenal. By choosing Azure, you’re not only selecting a top-tier computing solution but also embarking on a digital transformation that propels your business to new heights.

Moreover, by hosting your data in France, Microsoft Azure ensures rigorous compliance with the strictest regulations, including healthcare data and other sensitive standards. This approach guarantees enhanced security and increased data protection, bolstering trust in the platform. By choosing Azure, you’re investing in a solution that goes beyond basic requirements, offering a seamless convergence of innovation, security, regulatory compliance, and digital transformation.

So, what did you think of Microsoft Azure after our discussion? It truly is a gem for exceeding your expectations in terms of digital transformation, isn’t it? By overcoming challenges with its exceptional features, Microsoft Azure offers you the opportunity to realize your projects with agility and efficiency. Doesn’t this inspire you to deepen your knowledge?

Share your experiences and reflections on this platform! Together, let’s contribute to making the digital world safer and more reliable. And remember, we’re here to support you on the path to success!

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Professional Journey and Technological Expertise: Hamza, Database Administrator at The Alliance of the Phoenix

Discover the inspiring professional journey of Hamza, Database Administrator at The Alliance of the Phoenix, who brings valuable expertise in the field of data management. From his beginnings as a freelance web developer to his current role at The Alliance of the Phoenix, Hamza shares his experience, comprehensive training, and significant contribution to key projects.

Professional Journey and Education

Before joining The Alliance of the Phoenix, Hamza navigated through various fields of information technology. As a freelancer, Hamza honed his skills in web development before sharing his knowledge as a teacher in a computer school. His journey also led him to explore the world of artificial intelligence as an export-import consultant.

His academic journey, which began in theoretical physics, transformed into deep expertise in computer science. From degrees to certifications, including Azure Database Administrator Associate and Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Hamza has built a versatile set of skills.

Experience at The Alliance of the Phoenix

The opportunity to join The Alliance of the Phoenix as a Consultant DBA arose when the company was seeking a skilled professional to bolster its team. Drawn to the inclusive work environment and stimulating projects, Hamza successfully navigated the recruitment process and joined the company.

For the past eight months, Hamza has been thriving as a Consultant DBA at The  Alliance of the Phoenix. His role encompasses diverse responsibilities, from database development to the daily management of projects. This experience has brought him new daily challenges and opportunities for continuous learning.

Role within The Alliance of the Phoenix

The central role of a DBA consultant is evident across several crucial phases of the development cycle, from production deployment to ongoing monitoring. By ensuring constant surveillance, Hamza is committed to ensuring the smooth operation of all flows and core functionalities, thereby ensuring that any potential malfunction is quickly identified and resolved. During the development and deployment phases, Hamza ensures that each project receives meticulous attention by verifying the SQL description’s alignment with the project’s requirements.

The detailed drafting of production deployment deficits and functional and non-functional tests is an essential step, ensuring the quality and reliability of the deployment. Additionally, Hamza collaborates closely with clients, conducting tests with them to ensure the proper functioning of deployed features. Thus, all of these actions demonstrate how Hamza actively contributes to The Alliance of the Phoenix’s overall goals, particularly in Microsoft Cloud technologies, by ensuring the stability, quality, and performance of associated database systems.

Long-Term Aspirations and Objectives

Hamza harbors ambitious long-term aspirations within The Alliance of the Phoenix, including becoming a recognized expert in database administration, exercising technical leadership within the team, and advancing to higher management roles. Hamza also aims to share his knowledge through internal training and mentoring less experienced members.

Team Collaboration

Team collaboration is essential for Hamza. Working closely with colleagues such as Marianne, a web developer, and Joe, a project manager, Hamza emphasizes the importance of interdepartmental interactions for the success of his role.

Challenges and Solutions

As a DBA Consultant, Hamza faces various common challenges such as database performance, data security, and managing data growth. His proactive approach involves regular analysis, constant optimization, and close collaboration with development teams to ensure the stability and performance of databases.

Contribution to Significant Projects

Hamza shares a significant contribution to the Biologique Recherche project, highlighting his role in daily monitoring, creating dedicated scripts, and optimizing ADF and SQL technologies to enhance system stability and performance.

Hamza’s journey at The Alliance of the Phoenix represents an exciting professional adventure, where each day brings new challenges and learning opportunities. His significant contribution, commitment to technical excellence, and ambitious aspirations make him a valuable pillar within the company.

With Hamza’s expertise, you can now trust our team of specialists to tackle your technological challenges.

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Cybersecurity Guide: Protect Your Data by Following These Essential Steps

In an era where opening a café seems to garner more excitement than an article on cybersecurity, it is crucial to refocus our attention on protecting our data online.
As our daily lives become increasingly digital, cybersecurity becomes our crucial bulwark against the stealthy attacks of hackers. This guide offers a systematic approach to strengthen the security of your data through 5 essential steps.

1- Understanding Threats: Identifying Online Dangers

Before bolstering your defenses, it’s essential to understand potential threats. From phishing attacks to malware, familiarize yourself with the tactics of cybercriminals. Be particularly vigilant against suspicious emails, unknown links, and unverified downloads.

Use Microsoft Defender to analyze and detect potential threats. This solution provides real-time protection against malware, phishing, and other attacks, strengthening your first line of defense.

2- Applying Updates: Ensuring Protection with Regular Updates

Make sure your operating systems, applications, and antivirus software are consistently updated. Developers regularly release security patches to address discovered vulnerabilities. Ignoring these updates exposes your data to unnecessary risks.

Microsoft 365 offers automatic updates to ensure your applications are always up to date. Enable automatic update settings to benefit from the latest security features and vulnerability patches.

3- Digital Fortifications: Creating Strong Passwords and Adopting Two-Factor Authentication

Enhance access to your accounts by using strong and unique passwords. Also, opt for two-factor authentication whenever possible. This adds an extra layer of security by requiring a second form of identification, often a code sent to your phone.

Utilize Entra ID to strengthen authentication. Set up robust password policies and enable two-factor authentication via Microsoft Authenticator for additional protection.

4- Raising Awareness: Cybersecurity Awareness

Inform your team and loved ones about cybersecurity best practices. Awareness is a powerful weapon against attacks. Educating users on threat detection and secure behaviors significantly reduces the risk of compromise.

Utilize Microsoft 365 Security Awareness Training to train your team. This solution offers interactive courses and phishing simulations to raise awareness among users about cybercriminal tactics.

5- Prepare for the Unexpected: Perform Regular Backups

Prepare for the worst by performing regular backups of your important data. In case of an attack, you can restore your information without suffering major losses. Store backups in secure locations, disconnected from the main network.

Microsoft 365 offers built-in backup solutions for Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive. Configure retention policies and perform regular backups to ensure recovery in case of an incident.

Cybersecurity goes beyond technical measures. It’s a continuous process of preparation and adaptation. The Microsoft 365 suite offers integrated solutions to strengthen your cybersecurity. Put these steps into practice now for maximum protection.

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Optimize the Management and Security of your Devices with Microsoft Intune

In a constantly evolving digital landscape, effective device management and security are essential pillars for business success. Microsoft Intune emerges as a must-have solution, offering a comprehensive range of features to address these challenges brilliantly. Let’s delve into the world of Microsoft Intune and explore how this platform revolutionizes device management and enhances their security.


Microsoft Intune: A Revolution in Device Management

Microsoft Intune goes beyond being just a simple device management solution; it’s a revolution. This section explores the Intune ecosystem, revealing how it positions itself as the catalyst for your company’s digital transformation.

The Five Pillars of Intune in Action


Device Management: Simplify Daily Management

In a world where device diversity is commonplace, unified device management becomes essential. Intune provides a centralized solution to manage your entire device fleet, from PCs to mobile devices, to IoT devices. Imagine a company juggling with a multitude of platforms and operating systems. With Intune, this complexity is simplified, enabling smooth and efficient management of all devices.

Device Security: Protect Your Sensitive Data

Data security is a top priority in today’s digital world. Intune provides advanced identity and access management features, as well as data protection tools, ensuring that only authorized users can access sensitive resources. In the event of a device loss or theft, Intune allows you to remotely lock or wipe confidential data, ensuring the confidentiality of company information.

Application Deployment: Simplify User Experience

Streamline the deployment and management of applications across all your devices with Intune. Whether it’s custom business applications or apps from the Microsoft Store, Intune offers a simplified deployment process, ensuring that users always have the tools they need to be productive. Imagine a software development company needing to deploy a new project management application to all its employees’ computers, which requires a lot of time and effort from the IT team. By using Microsoft Intune, the company can automate the deployment of the application to all employee devices, ensuring that everyone quickly has the necessary tools to be productive.

Device Update: Keep Your Devices Up to Date with Ease

Updates are essential to ensure the stability and security of devices. Intune automates the update process, ensuring that all devices receive the latest security patches and features. Let’s illustrate this with a financial services company experiencing frequent disruptions due to missed updates on its employees’ devices. By using Microsoft Intune, the company can automate the device update process, ensuring that all devices remain constantly up to date with the latest security patches and features.

Device Monitoring: Stay Informed in Real Time

Proactive device monitoring is crucial for quickly detecting and resolving potential issues. Intune provides real-time visibility into the status of your devices, allowing you to identify anomalies and take corrective action before they become major problems.

Why Choose Microsoft Intune?

Opting for Microsoft Intune means opting for excellence in device management and security. With its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration with other Microsoft services, Intune offers a comprehensive solution to meet the evolving needs of your business. By choosing Intune, you are choosing a digital transformation that propels your company to new heights while ensuring the security and compliance of your data.

In summary, Microsoft Intune is more than just a device management solution; it’s a trusted partner to accompany your company in its digital transformation journey. Discover today everything that Intune can do for you and your organization, and pave the way for a safer and more efficient digital future.

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