Let’s meet Tarek Saade, our Sales Director at Phoenix Alliance. Tarek is here to tell us about his experience at Phoenix Alliance.

Role and expertise

First, Tarek is the Sales Director at Phoenix Alliance, Tarek has played a key role since 2020. The driving force behind our sales teams, provides training, conducting audits, presenting to clients, and negotiating contracts for licenses and services.  Let’s dive deeper into his history…

Start at Phoenix Alliance

Tarek joined Phoenix alliance during the creation of Phoenix Alliance, from begging of the story. When Ghadir and Aurélien started the company, they knew they needed someone with a deep understanding of our business, and Tarek was the perfect choice. He has been with us since day one, and his knowledge of Phoenix Alliance and he know everything about this huge company.

Passion for Negotiations with Clients

Tarek’s favorite part of his role is the negotiation phase with the Customers is the interactions with customers, the art of negotiation and essential communication throughout the process, he mentioned “in order to obtain the most suitable license at the best price”.

Phoenix Alliance Strengths

When asked what he likes most about Phoenix Alliance, Tarek mentioned two key factors. First, he particularly appreciates the fluid collaboration between the different teams within the company. Then, the flexibility of working remotely which is a major advantage for him.

As a 100% online team, Tarek appreciates the diversity among his colleagues, the different nationalities present in the team, the different cultures the different countries in which we are all based and we work and of course the different languages we speak in the team, even like that our communication is incredibly good and because of that, he loves to work remotely.

Job Challenges

On the other hand, Tarek acknowledges the challenges of his position, especially the disappointment of losing potential clients due to budget constraints.  “It’s frustrating when customers show interest in our licenses and services but can’t keep up due to budget limitations”, said Tarek.

Of course, some customers tell us that they are ready to take our licenses and in the moment of payment they say that they lack budget, even if, with a decrease of budget it is a customer for whom we will find the licenses with the best prices.

The most precious thing about Phoenix Alliance

As a Microsoft partner our goal is to stand out, and to innovate, which becomes fun for Tarek, because many things await the company and the employees, so many surprises are always at the doorstep. “No, we are not like other partners, we have so many things to bring, like the Packaged services, the Licensing expertise, low-cost licenses… That everything make we stand out from the others”, said Tarek.

Academic career

Tarek tell us also about his academic background, Tarek studied a MBA in Marketing and Management of Luxury Industries in business school at ISC Paris, he was prepared to negotiated with clients, prepared for commercial part, for marketing, communication, audits, market studies, … It’s a person who knows what he is doing.

A professional of international experiences

To understand his actual personality, we ask to tell us about his professional background, he said to us that he have long worked abroad in Tourism sector, in Australia and New Zealand, he also lived in Barcelona. Thanks to all these life experiences he speaks French, English, Spanish and Arabic and he understand good different cultures, that mean he also know how to communicate with foreign persons and how to understand and adapt herself in different situations, what distinguishes it from others.

Thanks to Tarek’s knowledge, you can now trust our team of specialists to solve your technological challenges.

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